Watch in awe as we showcase our latest creation - a remote-controlled car controlled by a smartphone! Using the versatile SaraKIT platform combined with LEGO bricks, we've brought this innovative project to life. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can maneuver the car with precision and explore the world of remote control like never before.

But that's not all! With the power of Raspberry Pi, you can unlock endless possibilities. Connect a camera and explore the surroundings, follow lines with precision, detect objects, or even control the car with your voice. The only limit is your imagination!
To get started with your own remote-controlled car project, head over to our GitHub repository. There, you'll find the source code for our programs in C++, Python, and Delphi. Feel free to explore, experiment, and customize the code to suit your preferences and take your project to the next level.
Join us on this exciting journey as we demonstrate the seamless integration between SaraKIT, LEGO, and Raspberry Pi. Witness the incredible capabilities and unleash your creativity to take this project to new heights.
You can find C++ and Python code for Raspberry Pi4 in the
SaraKIT Github repository: