SaraKIT for Raspberry Pi CM4

SaraKIT is a Raspberry Pi CM4 expansion board that enables advanced voice control and precise motor control. It features three sensitive microphones with sound localization for voice recognition up to 5m away, two independent BLDC motor controllers providing quiet, fast and precise control for gimbal motors, CSI interface with two cameras on a flexible cable, two accelerometers, a gyroscope, and a temperature sensor. In short, SaraKIT is a versatile solution for those who want to build modern and efficient voice-controlled products, robots, home automation, and interact with smart home or office devices.

SaraKIT Mainboard

SaraKIT is an easy-to-use face analysis solution for Raspberry Pi 4 CM4, powered by state-of-the-art algorithms based on MediaPipe from Google. It provides robust functionality for face detection, face landmark detection, and face mesh processing, specifically optimized for the Raspberry Pi 64-bit platform.

"Discover the Power of SaraKIT's Pan-Tilt Camera with Advanced Face Detection and Tracking!"
Our pan tilt camera system, based on the SaraKIT platform, offers excellent face detection capabilities and the ability to track facial movements. By utilizing quiet, precise, and fast BLDC Gimbal motors, the camera can smoothly move in response to facial motions, ensuring precise and accurate tracking. This innovative solution represents another way to leverage SaraKIT in projects related to artificial intelligence and home automation. It enables integration with AI systems and home automation, opening up new possibilities for monitoring, facial recognition, and real-time interaction.