SaraKIT is an easy-to-use face analysis solution for Raspberry Pi 4 CM4, powered by state-of-the-art algorithms based on MediaPipe from Google. It provides robust functionality for face detection, face landmark detection, and face mesh processing, specifically optimized for the Raspberry Pi 64-bit platform.


"Discover the Power of SaraKIT's Pan-Tilt Camera with Advanced Face Detection and Tracking!"
Our pan tilt camera system, based on the SaraKIT platform, offers excellent face detection capabilities and the ability to track facial movements. By utilizing quiet, precise, and fast BLDC Gimbal motors, the camera can smoothly move in response to facial motions, ensuring precise and accurate tracking. This innovative solution represents another way to leverage SaraKIT in projects related to artificial intelligence and home automation. It enables integration with AI systems and home automation, opening up new possibilities for monitoring, facial recognition, and real-time interaction.


Camera interface in SaraKIT enables computer vison projects in this simple sample you can find MNN based fast Face detector.

Build and Run facedetector

You can find sources and prebuilt libs in this repository FaceDetection

in repository we prepared prebuild audio interface library. At first you need install it

cd libs 
sudo dpkg -i mnn_20211215-1_arm64.deb

next go to src and build project

for now you can run sample which display farame with face in rect.
You can find C++ and Python code for Raspberry Pi4 in the
SaraKIT Github repository: