This movie showcases one of the applications of SaraKIT, an extension kit for Raspberry Pi 4 in CM4 version.

The SaraKIT kit includes most of the necessary elements:

  • Two FOC gimbal motor drivers for BLDC motors
  • An accelerometer with a gyroscope
  • Support for motor encoders
  • 3 sensitive microphones for voice control
  • Two camera outputs for live streaming from a moving vehicle
  • The ability to connect power from easily available Power Banks (PD2.0 PD3.0 Fast Charging and QC4 with USB-C output) with a special PD 12v cable or by connecting a USB cable via USB-C Pd Trigger Module Pd 12v.

Additionally, you will need two BLDC gimbal motors, two encoders, two motor-to-brick adapters, and some building blocks. The design of the vehicle is up to you. The brick adapters can be easily 3D-printed (the relevant stl and obj files are included on our website) or purchased for a few dollars from our site.

This robot demonstrates the power of BLDC gimbal motors; it is very difficult to overturn, quiet, and fast, and does not require heavy loads to be placed high up.

You can find C++ and Python code for Raspberry Pi4 in the
SaraKIT Github repository: