SaraKIT with thre microphones and ZL38063 enables to analyse sound direction location. ZL38063 beamformer reports the angle of the most significant sound source for linear/triangular microphone configuration. The axis between Mics 1 and 2 defines the main axis, with 0 degrees to the right and +180 degrees to the left, with +90 degrees defined as being at the top of the array (opposite side of main axis from Mic 3)

We prepared sample shows how to get sound location information.

Build and Run sample sound locator

You can find sources and prebuilt libs in this repository SoundLocator

in repository we prepared prebuild audio interface library. At first you need install it


next go to src and build project


for now you can run sample which print information of currend loudest sound direction from 0-360°

sudo ./soundLocator 
You can find C++ and Python code for Raspberry Pi4 in the
SaraKIT Github repository: