Remote controlled Car1

lego RC Car example:



Remote controlled Car2

SaraKit mainboard is equiped with two three-phase bldc drivers DRV8313 65Vmax 3A-peek. On mainboard you can find two power outputs where you need to connect BLDC motors. 

Remember to use propper power supply. SaraKIT should be powered by 12-24VDC min. 24W you need to increase power supply of motors energy consumption.

Run sample Remote Controlled motor

In this sample we shows how to control motor from web browser. Or GitHub you can find code for this sample.

As python-based web browser well use bottle so we need to install 

pip3 install bottle

in and /views/index.tpl replace <ip> with RPi address.

now you can run sample


in web browser you can open control page:


via slider you can controll motor speed


You can find C++ and Python code for Raspberry Pi4 in the
SaraKIT Github repository: